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The Colors & Effects brand encompasses BASF's broad portfolio of colorants and effect pigments.

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Based on chemical expertise in the coatings, plastics, printing, cosmetics and agriculture markets, BASF's experts offer consultative solutions. Fueled by entrepreneurial spirit, they enable innovation and growth. For our customers and our company: We live colors. We boost effects.

A leading supplier with a vast global footprint

With a broad portfolio and global production footprint, we have a leading position in this market. We continuously invest each year to increase capacities and maintain our plants. We have four Research & Development centers across the globe strategically located close to our product sites. We're committed to advancing our competitive portfolio.



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We serve a broad range of diverse customer industries

We are a global pigments supplier for the cosmetics, printing, plastics, automotive coatings, architectural and industrial coatings and agriculture markets. 

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A team of dedicated and knowledgable industry experts

We have profound chemical, technical and colorimetric expertise along the entire value chain. Our global team of over 2,600 employees has an average of 20 years of pigment expertise. From chemists and lab technicians to color specialists to product stewards, our dedicated experts continue driving the business.

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Sustainable solutions and eye-catching effects drive long-term growth

Our successes in this space include stir-in and easy dispersible pigments like eXpand! and Xfast® Easy Color; new effect pigments such as extending the Lumina® Royal and Paliocrom® families; trend forecasts with the Pantone™ Color Institute and sustainable solutions in the areas of digital printing, coloration of recycled plastics and mixing systems for industrial coatings.

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Our impressive journey


Friedrich Engelhorn founds the joint-stock company.

Friedrich Engelhorn

Heinrich Caro and two colleagues succeed in synthesizing the first natural dye: red alizarin.

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Heinrich Caro succeeds in synthesizing a pure blue dye for cotton: methylene blue.

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BASF expands its product range of dyes, adding collections for dyeing fully synthetic fibers.

1960 Expand of dye product range

Entry of BASF in effect pigments with Paliocrom®

More about Paliocrom®

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Acquisitions of Engelhard in 2006 and Ciba in 2008 strengthen our position in the market.

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Lumina® Royal range is launched.

More about Lumina® Royal

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We grow pigments as one global business unit.

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