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Color of the Moment for Make-Up and Personal Care


Color design, whether driven by inspiration, a trend or a specific shade objective, allows for the creative exploration of novel color spaces. Evoked by transitory experiences, the Color of the Moment collection features formulations for make-up and personal care products using our latest pigment innovations.

cooling waters

Feel the refreshing power of cooling waters with our saturated turquoise shade that creates bold and refreshing looks. Sense the sparkling texture of white sands and dive into the colorful possibilities for make-up and personal care products inspired by the life and spirit of our oceans.

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Featured pigments

Flamenco® Summit Turquoise T30D, a high-chroma blue interference effect pigment based on ethically and sustainably sourced natural mica from the U.S.

Reflecks™ Dimensions Brilliant Gold GY80D, an intense gold interference sparkling effect pigment based on glass flake.


Reflecks™ MultiDimensions Shifting Sapphire G680D and Reflecks MultiDimensions Transforming Teal G780D, two interference effect pigments based on glass flake that create dramatic and bold color travel effects.

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summer glow

Inspired by the beautiful golden twilight of a summer evening, summer glow is an extremely saturated golden effect color that creates warm, rich golden hues to celerate natural beauty and dewy looks.

Featured pigments:

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digital blue

A soothing color that keeps us emotionally connected during challenging times, digital blue uses statement colors that inspire us to highlight the beauty of our eyes and showcase our personality to the world.

Featured pigments:

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cherry blossom

Rejuvenating our admiration of natural beauty, cherry blossom, brings light, clean and fresh pink hues that bloom into spring-inspired make-up and personal care products.

Featured pigments:

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