Color of the Moment for Automotive Coatings

Color design, whether driven by inspiration, a trend or a specific shade objective, allows creative exploration of novel color spaces. Evoked by transitory experiences, the Color of the Moment series features formulations for automotive coatings with our innovative pigments and effects.

lavender comfort

In fields and home gardens around the world, lavender is blooming with fragrance and color. We took our cue from this versatile plant that evokes hope, optimism, balance and stability. We designed two calming tones that nurture feelings of wellbeing. 

Our holistic portfolio of organic, inorganic and effect pigments can help relieve the stress of finding the right pigments for your inspiration.

Relax and enjoy the formulation details here: new grey & lavender !

Featured pigments

Lumina® Royal Exterior Magenta 4803H is a sustainably-sourced, natural mica-based blue shade red used to convey a sense of calmness and serenity

Sicopal® Black L 0095 is a near infrared reflective inorganic pigment that keeps this color cool

Lumina® Royal Exterior Indigo 5803H is a sustainably-sourced, natural mica-based violet adds a relaxed elegant flash

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summer solstice

In the northern hemisphere, daylight hours extend until reaching the longest day of the year – the summer solstice. Taking advantage of the seemingly never-ending sunlight, outdoor activities flourish and creativity flows.

Our full spectrum of vibrant organic and effect pigments work in perfect harmony to remind ourselves of the warmth and freedom the solstice brings.  This summer, we invite you to hike across lush fields enjoying our fresh green styling and bask in the sun’s rays with a powerful bold orange. 

Relax and enjoy the formulation details here!

visible impact

Colors & Effects can help you create on-trend products with visible impact while meeting functionality and sustainability goals.

Achieve tangible benefits using sustainable color solutions that deliver top performance. On this Earth Day 2021, and every day, together, we can make a difference and prove that Conscious is Colorful.

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fiery spirit

An auspicious red which strengthens when combined with gold to represent "lucky red envelopes" that symbolize propsperty and happiness in the Year of the Ox. Open the formulation!

Featured pigments:

spruce needle

In the spirit of the season, we give you this fresh cut color rooted in the deep rich greens of a winter pine forest. All of us at Colors & Effects wish you health, happiness and joy! Unwrap formulation details.

Featured pigments:

burgundy bouquet

Embrace the beauty of autumn with this saturated full-bodied shade that delivers brilliant golds, vibrant oranges and deep rich reds. Savor the moment and explore formulation details.

Featured pigments:



Inspired by cool turquoise pools of a summer staycation, chilling's sparkling and hue shifting chromatic effect shades travel from green to blue while maintaining saturation and lightness in flip. Dive into the formulation details.

Featured pigments:

summer glow

Celebrating the joy of life, summer glow is an extremely saturated golden effect color that delivers chroma, brilliancy and superior color travel. View formulation details here.

Featured pigments:

ɛpsilon splash

Grounded in vibrancy and brilliance, ɛpsilon splash is a chromatic reddish-blue pearl, based on natural mica ethically sourced in the USA, that adds brilliance and sparkle to coatings products. View formulation details here.

Featured pigments:

cherry blossom

As pink flowers rejuvenate our admiration of natural beauty, cherry blossom encompasses the durable pigment violet 19 to produce a range of pastel pinks in white reduction. View formulation details here.

Featured pigments:

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