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Innovation in beauty

Reflecks MD Midnight

These products offers an intense blackened metallic-like effect, based on borosilicate. They both offer unique color travel and dazzling sparkle.


Reflecks™ MD Midnight

Foil on powder Resized v4
Talc Alternatives

Reformulate with a combination of performance minerals, check out the latest innovations.


Mearlmica® FF

Performance Mineral portfolio

Mealmica FF Rainbow
Vegan Pinks

Bold, vibrant, and carmine free. Discover our new collection of Vegan Pinks.


Chione Electric Fuchsia

Chione Electric Sunset

Cloisonné® Vibrant Raspberry

Vegan Pigment piles 1 v2
PET Glitter Alternatives

Replace microplastics with glittering synthetic mica pigments.


Chione Astral White

Chione Galactic Gold

BASF Shooting 1 Body Wash v2

Trends in beauty

Explore "Intuitive Nature" which outlines color forecasting based on beauty trends for 2023 with inspiring colors, textures, effects, and vegan formulations. Click here

Straight from the Eastern Hemisphere, the new trends program provides customers outside of the Asia Pacific region with insights on the latest colors, textures, and movements. Click here

Today’s color stories inspiring tomorrow’s beauty formulations- click here to explore the newest Color of the Moment

Experience our color palettes, curated pigments and 10 formulas for next season, click here

Effect pigments in beauty

Hybrid Products

Skin care infused makeup combines the benefits of skin care actives with color and creativity of classic cosmetic formulations.

Get the latest trends and inspirational formulas in "Blurring the Lines"

blurring the lines
Sun & Skin Care

Effect pigments play a unique role in the next generation of sun & skin care, creating products for a diverse consumer base, hybrid products, and fun and playful products that engage youth in sun protection.

Explore more in Sun & Skin Care for Every day, Everywhere and Everyone

AdobeStock 63301749

Mica in beauty: 100% USA Mica

Mica is a safe, naturally derived mineral and a commonly found ingredient in beauty products. It creates dazzling and shimmering effects. Our mica offers total piece of mind, 100% ethically sourced. Dig deeper into USA Mica. Click here

Pigments in beauty

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