Are you looking for revolutionary pigments? Get to know our pigment developments that deliver intense chroma for infinite styling options and serve a variety of demanding applications.

On average, our global team covering over 50 nationalities has over
20 years of pigment expertise . Ensuring profound chemical, technical and colorimetric know-how along ​the entire value chain​, we enhance pigment performance, we extend functionality, we simplify processing. Doing research with our customers in mind our pigment solutions get you #OnwardForwardAhead

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Ignite your sparkle with the patent-pending multilayer technology behind Chione™ Electric Sunset!

A bold, blue-rouge metallic-like effect pigment that delivers a clean, bright hue without any synthetic organic colorants. Carmine-free to support vegan claims for cosmetics and personal care applications.

Delve into the superior technology of Chione™ Electric Sunset

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Highly functional Spectrasense pigments for NIR management

Functionality that goes beyond coloristic properties: Influence near-infrared (NIR) reflection and transmission with Spectrasense™.

Be ahead with futuristic technologies

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Pioneering stir-in pigments for automotive coatings with eXpand!®

A strategic partnership with Landa Labs delivers eXpand!® pigments that offer unprecedented color depth for automotive coating systems.

Discover the advanced science driving eXpand!®

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Reach out to the Future with Xfast® Easy Color

Be one step ahead with the first solid dispensing system for the point of sale.

Join the era of solid dosing

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Be ahead with pigments for high temperature polymers

For your highly demanding polymers: These pigments offer outstanding heat resistance and chemical stability in the production process.

Color with heat resistance

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Chione Electric Fuchsia fulfills an unmet market need

Vegan-friendly, unique red-blue color space, limitless applications. The list goes on.

Learn more about our award-winning cosmetics pigment 

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Lumina® Royal: Highest chroma, brilliant effects

Add brilliance to vibrant stylings for coatings, plastics and printings from green gold to greenish blue shades through coppers and oranges.

Extend the color space

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Achieve extreme chromatic flash with Paliocrom®

Paliocrom® aluminum effect pigments are the ideal choice for modern automotive and high-performance industrial coatings.

Explore the Paliocrom® evolution

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