Highly functional pigments for near-infrared management

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The highly innovative functional Spectrasense™ pigments deliver functionality that goes beyond the coloristic properties. Influencing the reflection and transmission at certain wavelengths with Spectrasense™ forms a basis for modern technologies, such as autonomous driving, solar heat management and laser welding.

Improving LiDAR signal response from dark colors

Traditional carbon black pigments strongly absorb near-infrared (NIR) LiDAR signals used by autonomous vehicles for navigation. Low LiDAR signal return erodes object detection capability particularly for darker colored objects that contain higher levels of carbon black. Automotive coating formulations using NIR transparent or reflective functional black pigments deliver superior signal response thereby improving object detection

Get to know our functional pigments

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Reducing thermal load with solar heat management

Boost your design with our functional heat management pigments that keep surfaces cooler - no matter if they are black or colored. Reduce temperatures significantly while the visual impression remains unchanged.

Stay cool

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Laser transmission welding for plastics applications

SpectrasenseTM pigments enable a top processing quality in welding strength and airtightness. Stable joint connections are possible with reduced mechanical and thermal load and without the addition of chemicals. Besides black a broad color space is available.

If you look for NIR-transparent black pigments for engineering plastics, check out SpectrasenseTM K 0087 or 0088.

Or use our colorless NIR absorber SpectrasenseTM IR 765

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