Be ahead with pigments for high temperature polymers

Designed for demanding polymers, our pigments offer outstanding heat resistance and chemical stability in the production process. In addition, the pigments perform durably in the end application, thanks to their good light fastness and low migration.

These features are combined with excellent processing and dispersibility properties, making them ideal for a wide range of highly demanding applications, requiring resistance to chemicals, heat and weather.

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These pigments can take the heat!

Cromophtal® Yellow K 1310

Highly versatile yellow opaque mid shade yellow with high color strength

  • Robust processing in polyamide and polyolefin
  • Excellent durability in HDPE molding applications
  • Low-warping in HDPE injection molding

Sicopal® Red K 3050 FK

Increase of chroma in the orange to red color space

  • New chemistry introducing a new Color Index PR 290
  • High heat stability and suitability for engineering plastics
  • Excellent weather resistance even in pale shades
  • Ideal as shading component in outdoor use
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Cinquasia® Rubine K 4370

Heat stability for temperatures of more than 300 °C

  • Expanding color space into medium red area with high hiding power
  • Saturated ruby for polyamide 6 and 6.6
  • Very robust processing behavior and very good dispersibility
  • Excellent heat stability in polyamide plastics and fibers
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Paliogen® Blue K 6500

Excellent overall properties for fiber applications

  • Transparent, brilliant red-shade blue with excellent fastness properties
  • Attractive coloristic across substrates for metameric-free solutions
  • Superior dispersion quality for fiber applications
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Sicopal® Turquoise K 8215

Closes the color space gap in between green and blue for inorganic pigments

  • High chromatic shades between cobalt blue and green
  • Remarkable temperature stability
  • Excellent durability and fastness properties
  • Suitable for applications requiring excellent chemical resistance

Sicopal® Green K 9615

The bluish green for sensitive and demanding applications

  • Label free Color Index PG 50
  • More bluish compared to Sicopal® Green K 9715
  • Excellent durability and high heat resistance

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