Color Collection

Sustainable and dazzling plastic designs

Overcome limitations. Address trends. Innovate.

Our latest innovations featuring safe, brilliant and reliable colorants come together in a customized Color Collection created by Pantone Color Institute™ and brought to life by Colors & Effects. Consisting of three color palettes that address key societal trends and needs in our everyday world, the collection supports you in creating smarter plastic designs.


Benefit from our long-term experience in pigments that reach the highest purity levels in sensitive applications.


Rely on pigments that comply with complex technological requirements, enabling highest durability and process stability in demanding plastics.


Boost the appearance of your plastics with effect pigments that reach for more sparkle and brilliance.

WebsiteVisuals EtherealElements
Rediscover your inner serenity with appeasing shades of blue
  • Soothing and gentle palette of blue
  • Transcend boundaries with reliably pure, top-performing colorants
  • Sky-high brilliance for ethereal results  

Featured pigments and effects:

EtherealElements v2
WebsitVisuals HealthyLiving
Lush colors that make you feel wholesome and energized
  • Warm and vitalizing shades that rejuvenate body and mind
  • High purity colorants for a more sustainable world
  • Vibrant pigments providing complete confidence in food contact applications and toys

Featured pigments and effects:

WebsiteVisuals Transformation
Create a promising future while reconnecting with the past
  • Return to the essentials
  • Pigments with the highest durability and process stability shine for all generations
  • Pigments that close the loop

Featured pigments and effects:

Transformation updated v3
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