Global Color Presentation

Pigments & Effects Driving Future Automotive Trends

Get inspired from automotive color trends that are enabled with the latest pigment innovations and benefit from our digital color services. Use our virtual files to apply the color trends directly to your product design!

With the Global Color Presentation we outline the key global automotive trends that will drive color formulations in 2022-2025. Explore how our recently launched pigments and effects enable you to create completely new colors.

Applying our accurate AxF™ (Appearance Exchange Format)-files to your own 3D-models, you can view the whole potential of the color shades. In the detailed renderings, even the effect pigments are clearly visible.

Check out the color stylings that are presented on this webpage and contact us for the respective AxF™-files.


Experience 60 new colors from our Global Color Presentation. We offer the digital material files (AxF™-format) for your virtual 3D-objects

AxF 1

The appearance of our colors has been digitally captured. So you can apply our color designs to your preferred virtual 3D-object.

AxF golden styling

Apply our AxF™-file by means of your rendering software. View the whole potential of the color shades and make even effect pigments clearly visible.

urban mobility
urban mobility icon
e mobility icon
autonomous driving
autonomous driving icon

urban mobility:
Shine bright in a city that never sleeps 

Get recognized and position your brand: For outstanding concepts of shared mobility with individual comfort of privately owned cars. With vibrant pigments you achieve intense chroma and brilliant effects.

espress lane

More environmentally friendly

Step into a sustainable future with environmentally friendly vehicles! Increase the lifetime of your coatings with excellent hiding

innocent blue

autonomous driving:
Enjoy mobility and be connected

Rethink the way of transportation for a relaxed drive with no need of oversight. Enabled by reflective pigments for LiDAR technology, cars see and can be seen – even with dark colors!

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Request the digital visualisation AxFTM-files of the presented stylings!

Contact Juan, our technical color expert, if your require formulation support for your stylings.

Juan A. Gonzalez Gomez

Contact Kevin, our expert for digital rendering, if you require AxFTM-files.

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