Lumina® Royal Sparkling Blue

Catch the spark of innovation

Reflecks MD Midnight: Midnight is the New Black
New Spectrasense Black EH 8082: Driving functional stylings to the dark side
Xfast® Easy Color

Clean. Convenient. Superior.

Whether incremental or disruptive, innovation moves our world forward. 

As technologies advance, so do design standards and technical performance requirements. Our experts are constantly adapting our painter's palette to help you color the future.

Whether by expanding the color space, creating new functional pigments or through colorful digitalization, we keep an eye to the future as we move Onward Forward Ahead! 

innovation v4

Our team of digitalization experts is changing how we experience color by creating realistic renderings on digital platforms.

With our Appearance Exchange Format (AxF™) files, our virtual renderings capture the whole potential of a color shade. Revealing even the most subtle sparkle, our 3D models can be adjusted to industry-specific needs. Explore PigmentViewer app.

See our digital stylings come to life in the Global Color Presentation.

By advancing technologies like autonomous driving or smart black plastics recycling, functional pigments provide so much more than color. With near-infrared reflection and transmission, SpectrasenseTM and Sicopal® pigments transform everyday applications by reducing thermal load in coatings or rendering a black plastic recyclable.

Explore our functional pigments

AMC APP black car city streets HiRes

Expand into a new color space with endless styling options. Whether achieving intense chroma and transparency or next level brilliance, our experts are constantly innovating to create a new realm of possibilities. Reach out to the future with Xfast® Easy Color, pioneer new designs with eXpand!® pigments or ignite your sparkle with the Chione® Electric family.

Expand into a new color space with our latest innovations:

AMC APP car stars night sparkling LoRes
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