Chione Electric Sunset SK90D

Shine through the darkness with bold colors for new beginnings

Ignite your sparkle

Sunset is the beginning. Opportunities for in-person, human connection are coming with brighter, more colorful times ahead. Friends will embrace one another again and smiles will be seen. A new time is on the horizon and as nights get longer, Sunset marks the beginning of the night. Nights bring new beginnings filled with anticipation and energy. Chione™ Electric Sunset was inspired by rich, dynamic colors on display when day turns into night.

Shine through the darkness with bold colors and connect with intense colors of eternal sunsets and shimmering effects that inspire us to express our creativity again through personal statement looks.


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A bold, blue-rouge metallic-like effect pigment based on synthetic mica, Chione™ Electric Sunset SK90D offers a clean and bright hue without any synthetic organic colorants. Built on patent-pending multilayer technology, this carmine-free pigment provides a solution for today's formulators who are creating vegan cosmetics and personal care applications.

Product features and benefits

  • Unique blue-rouge color space
  • No synthetic organic colorants
  • Carmine-free to support vegan claims
  • Based on innovative multi-layer technology
  • No fading, staining or bleeding
  • Luminous to shimmering effects
  • No application limitations
  • Globally approved color additives

Capture the infinite colors of the Sunset

Create a palette of colorful possibilities with Chione™ Electric Sunset. When blended with other traditional colorants and effect pigments, Chione™ Electric Sunset can provide a wide range of hues from light peach to rich burgundy. Explore our inspired formulations that remind us of intense eternal sunsets and move us to create bold, personal make-up looks for new beginnings on the horizon.

BASF20Shooting20120Lipstick201 v2
BASF Shooting 1 Eyeliner Trio No Pigment v2
BASF Shooting 1 Peel Mask v2
BASF Shooting 1 Nail Enamel v2

Ignite your sparkle and learn more about Chione™ Electric Sunset!

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