Lumina® Royal
Lumina® Royal Sparkling Blue

Catch the spark of innovation

Extend the color space with mica-based interference pigments

With optimized particle size, Lumina® Royal delivers the highest chromaticity and adds brilliance to vibrant stylings.

Meet the new members of the Lumina® Royal family

Lumina® Royal Sparkling Blue is a high chroma, blue-shade effect pigment with intense color. It delivers exceptional chromaticity and unmatched lightness to style vibrant new colors throughout the aqua to violet color areas. Its strong sparkle provides an attractive eye-catching appearance for economical solutions.

Establishing a new copper standard

Lumina® Royal Sienna is a semi-transparent, copper-shade pigment based on synthetic mica. Its combination of unmatched chroma and powerful sparkle offer designers an effective element to create the next generation of color stylings. 

With broad suitability across many applications; automotive, industrial, packaging & 3C, take a test drive and explore the endless possibilities this new copper effect pigment can reveal. 

Get to know the new pigments:
Lumina® Royal Exterior Sienna S3903D
Lumina® Royal Sienna 9S390D

LR Sienna

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Explore the full family of Lumina® Royal products

Majestic colors await. Experience sophisticated possibilities of this brilliant effect. Based on synthetic mica, this semi-transparent, bluish-russet shade pigment provides intense color. 

Enable new vibrant, high-chroma red shades with greater formulation flexibility. Optimized particle size distribution delivers exceptional chromaticity in combination with transparent pigments.

Color me purple. With high performance properties, this intense bluish red shade mica based interference pigment will let you style out of this galaxy intense violet shades.

Discover brilliant styling options with a unique greenish golden shade. Enhance your designs with excellent chroma, high lightness and strong sparkle.

Experience the world through aqua colored glasses. With high performance properties, this intense blue mica based interference pigment creates a smooth appearance for your stylings.

Achieve brilliant styling options for luxurious blue tones. The high chromatic and reflecting pigment creates a smooth appearance for plastics and automotive coatings.


Extend styling options for luxurious browns and warm metal tones. Benefit from extremely high chroma shades with excellent lightness and attractive sparkle. 

Realize brilliant styling options for unique violet shades. Benefit from excellent chroma with high lightness and attractive sparkle in plastic applications. 

Create attractive bronze, orange, golden and red effect shades. This semi transparent effect pigment made with synthetic mica helps you to style a cleaner shade.


Lumina® Royal Sienna

LR Sienna micro v5

Lumina® Royal Blue Russet

Lumina Royal Blue Russet Microscope

Lumina® Royal Amber

Lumina Royal Amber

Lumina® Royal Russet

Lumina Royal Russet

Lumina® Royal Dragon Gold

Lumina Royal Dragon Gold v2

Lumina® Royal Magenta

Colors and Effects Lumina Royal Magenta pigments

Lumina® Royal Copper

Colors and Effects Lumina Royal Copper pigments

Lumina® Royal Indigo

Colors and Effects Lumina Royal Indigo pigments

Lumina® Royal Aqua

Colors and Effects Lumina Royal Aqua pigments

Lumina® Royal Blue

Colors and Effects Lumina Royal Blue pigments
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