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Lumina® Royal Sparkling Blue

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Introducing the PigmentViewer App

PigmentViewer App, now available for mobile devices in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, brings high-tech color digitalization to designers and product development engineers.

With the digital visualization technology, you can experience effect and color pigments in a realistic format from various angles just as a physical sample under a shining light source.

Learn more about our comprehensive portfolio of sparkling effect pigments featured on the app. Discover the Lumina® Royal family.

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Download the PigmentViewer App

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Example User Journey

Start your journey by indicating your desired color space, any specific product types or chemistries

Pigmentviewer Sparkling Blue Filter 2

Select the products that you want to compare

Pigmentviewer Sparkling Blue Selection 2

View two applications side by side, including non-hiding over white and black substrates

Pigmentviewer Sparkling Blue

Align your visual examination with color measurement standards

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The application outputs the result in the same way as a designer would evaluate the end product: visually on a “panel.” Whereas in this case, the “panel” is replaced by the smartphone display. 

Using regular movement, you can evaluate your smartphone as it mimics a panel in a real-life physical environment. 

For more detailed instructions, click here.

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Digitalization and changing the way we experience color is one of our key innovation pillars. Discover how we use the high-tech color digitalization in our popular Color of the Moment series.

Want to learn more about our digital technologies? Contact us and let us know how we can help you.

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