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The first solid dispensing system for point of sale (POS) is ready to revolutionize the market for decorative paints and coatings. With the dispensing machine XF200 a customized formulation of solid colorants can be dosed directly into the base paint, improving the everyday handling of POS systems and reducing costs significantly.

Inside the dry dosing dispenser XF200
Load dry colorants into XF200 dispenser
Technical set up of dry dosing dispenser
Low dusting alternative for TiO2 powder

The EU has classified titanium dioxide as suspected carcinogen by inhalation per the CLP regulation, which will be broadly applied throughout the EU supply chain no later than October 1, 2021. Our Product Safety and Regulatory Team has found that no Colors & Effects products are subject to the new classification.

Use the low dusting pigment preparation Xfast® White 0025 as an alternative to TiO2 powder with the following benefits:

  • Improved safety in handling the solid pigment
  • Easy to disperse, stir-in solution
  • Significantly improves speed of paint production

Solving problems of liquid dispensers by switching to dry

Solving problems of liquid dispensers
  • No sedimentation, drying in or nozzle clogging
  • Reduced maintanance time
  • 100% efficient use of ingredients in production
Dry, direct, accurate & convenient
  • Revolving system of 16 to 24 click-in canisters
  • Exact gravimetric dosing in sequential order
  • Dosing straight into the paint
Click in
State-of-the-art EHS
  • Low to no biocide amount supports label requirements of final product
  • Suitable for manufacturing of VOC-free paints
  • APEO free, MIT free and CIT free
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