Color our future lead-free!

NEW Paliotan® VIU lead-free pigments

Pigment Preparations

Providing sustainable environmental, social and economic advantages

Prove it with Pink

Make conscious living a bold statement with Cloisonné® Vibrant Raspberry, an all-clean, all-vegan effect pigment based on natural mica

Highest purity for sensitive applications

Contribute to consumer health and safety in food contact materials and toys with pigments

Not a passing fad, sustainability is here to stay. 

We understand the constant balancing act of designing an on-trend product that meets sustainability goals.

By contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we keep the environment top of mind, while also considering social responsibility and the economy

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We prove Conscious is Colorful ... focusing on the environment

Whether enabling smart black plastics recycling or providing safe alternatives like pigments for sensitive applications, we know that functionality and purity are key steps in achieving cleaner planet. We also know that ensuring health and safety is more than marketing, it's meeting certification standards, like Responsible Care® and ISO 50001.

Find endless color solutions to support our sustainable future.

Conscious is colorful

...through our commitment to social responsibility

Social responsiblity with respect to consumption and production is an integral part of our sustainability approach. At our wholly-owned natural mica mine in Hartwell, Georgia, USA, you can discover our fully ethical, traceable and environmentally friendly processes. 

Learn more with our Pigment Finder sustainability filters or discover our latest launches that provide Transparency in Beauty: Mearlmica® FF and vegan and cruelty-free color with Cloisonné® Vibrant Raspberry.


...with solutions that provide economic advantages

When we think about colorants that go the extra mile, we look to our pigment preparations and functional colorants for solar heat management. Enable new design possibilities by exploring our functional pigments.

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