Recyclable Black

Conscious is colorful: We prove it with our new Sicopal® Black K 0098 FK that contributes to smarter recycling of plastics by replacing carbon black.

Even traces of Carbon Black can hinder the near infrared reflection (NIR) sorting of polymer scrap due to the pigments absorbing properties. Consequently, the plastic can not be detected for further recycling and the waste will be incinerated or landfilled.

With Sicopal® Black K 0098 FK we present a pigment that enables the sorting of black and other dark plastics by waste recycling companies. Thanks to its high purity and excellent processing stability it can even be used for multiple processing steps and closed loop recycling.

Prove it with recyclable black small

Smart pigments make beautiful black recyclable!

Food compliance

Sicopal® Black K 0098 FK has been designed to enable sorting of colored plastics for recycling. The new black offers high color strength, opacity and food contact compliance.

Sicopal K 0098 FK 1
Detection even at high pigment content

Sicopal® Black K 0098 FK is NIR-reflective and allows the reliable detection of the polymer even at high pigment content.

Sicopal K 0098 FK 2

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