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Our portfolio includes colorants and solutions for seed-treatment, fertilization and crop-protection products.

Our knowledge offers value for brand owners to protect their brand and fulfill regulatory demands. 


The new generation of fertilizer is colored to enhance its appearance and value. We provide a wide range of colorants for fertilizer in multiple systems. The high tinting strength will reduce your costs while light fastness properties will stand up to UV rays for surface and mass fertilizer coloration.

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Seed coatings have the following benefits: uniform shape and high quality appearance, protection from seasonal diseases, enhanced crop performance, prevention from pest attacks, improved flow when applied in the field and better drying behavior while the seed formulation is applied on the seed. 

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Our highly concentrated and stable colorants are specifically designed for vibrant mulch coloration needs. These colorants can be combined with inorganic pigments, such as iron oxides, for an even broader range of vibrant, long lasting mulch colors.

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We offer durable, natural looking colorants for turf and golf course needs. Our turf colorants provide excellent light fastness and rub-off resistance. The highly visible temporary colorants for spray indicators show exactly where treatment has occurred, leaving turf looking lush and healthy.

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