Not a passing fad, sustainability is here to stay. 

We understand the constant balancing act of designing an on-trend product that meets sustainability goals. 

With a holistic approach, we keep the environment top of mind, while also considering social responsibility and the economy. 

Our sustainable color solutions deliver top performance and bring you tangible benefits. That's why we say Conscious is Colorful. 

Conscious is colorful

Conscious is colorful - we prove it with...

...ethically sourced mica

Discover natural mica sourcing at our wholly owned mine in Hartwell, Georgia, USA. Our experienced employees will guide you through our fully ethical, traceable and environmentally friendly processes.


...OEKO-TEX certified colorants

Purity and performance for sustainable fiber coloration. Explore colorful textiles certified with the ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX®.

...transparency in beauty

Discover Mearlmica® FF, a versatile performance mineral made from natural mica sourced from the USA.



… solutions for compostable plastics and printing

A portfolio of pigment selections that meet the requirements of EN 13432.

Make conscious living a bold statement with Cloisonné® Vibrant Raspberry, an all-clean, all-vegan effect pigment based on natural mica.


...pigments for recyclable plastics

With a replacement for carbon black, recycle plastics the smart way. 



...highest purity for sensitive applications

Contribute to consumer health and safety in food contact materials and toys with pigments.


… lead free pigments

With increasing bans on lead chromates, lead free alternatives are the way of the future. heat management pigments

Boost your design with functional heat management pigments that keep surfaces cooler.


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