Coloring compostable packaging

Conscious is colorful: We prove it with pigments for compostable plastics and inks

Consumers show increasing awareness for the goods they buy, the ingredients these goods are made of as well as their packaging materials. As brand owners take responsibility for the complete life cycle of their products, industrial composting is a sustainable solution.

Our recommended pigment selection for compostable plastics and printing is based on the evaluation of the pigment composition according to the requirements of EN 13432.

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We offer alternative colorants

…to heavy metal, primary aromatic amines or halogen containing pigments which are suspected to be hazardous to human health and environment

We define internal purity limits

…to comply with current and upcoming global legislations and regulations

We engage in product stewardship

… as dedicated sensitive applications experts are a fundamental element of the voluntary Responsible Care® initiative

Selected pigments for compostable plastics

Compostable Plastics

Get to know the green shade Paliotol® Yellow K 0961 or the red shade 1800.

Paliotol Yellow K 0961

Cromophtal® Orange K 2960 is a high performance opaque mid orange with high saturation

Cromophtal Orange v2

Sicotrans® Red K 2915 is a semi opaque and bright red-brown iron oxide with high color strength

Sicotrans Red v2

Paliogen® Red K 3911 is our opaque mid shade red for the most demanding processes.

Paliogen Red

Heliogen® Green K 8730 FP is a highly transparent mid-shade green with low haze for high quality demanding applications.

Heliogen Green v2

Selected pigments for printing on compostable packaging

Compostable Printing

With Paliotol® Yellow D 1155, 1819 & 0960 we offer greenish or reddish yellows, with high color strength, transparency and gloss.

Paliotol Yellow D 1155 v2

Cromophtal® Orange D 2961 is a mid shade orange with excellent transparency and color strength

Cromophtal Orange

Benefit from the high color strength, excellent resistance to bleeding and very good light fastness of Cinquasia® Pink K 4430 / FP.

Cinquasia Pink

Cromophtal® Violet D 5700 is a strong red shade violet with good dispersibility.

Cromophtal Violet

The metal free Heliogen® Blue D 7490 is a greenish shade blue suitable for all printing processes.

Heliogen Blue v2

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