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Natural mica sourcing at our wholly owned mica mine in Hartwell, Georgia, USA

Around 60% of the world's mica is sourced in India. A huge part of this is considered to be mined in socially and economically challenged regions, with a high incidence of child labor, corruption in the supply chain and poor working conditions.

Ensuring full transparency, all natural mica for our effect pigments is sourced at our wholly owned mine in Hartwell, Georgia, USA, using fully ethical, traceable and environmentally friendly processes.

* Terre des hommes and Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO); March 2018; Global mica mining and the impact on children's rights.
Ethical working practices

Cheryl, a laboratory technician, is responsible for inspecting and maintaining working materials at Hartwell. She ensures a safe working environment for all employees.

190116 Colors and Effects Mica sourcing Ethical working practices
Traceable supply chain

Site Operations Specialist, Robin, oversees the delivery process from Hartwell. She ensures all bigs filled with mica are labeled with a tracking code to enable full traceability.

190116 Colors and Effects Mica sourcing Traceable supply chain
Environmentally friendly sourcing

Minerals Technician, Steve, takes responsibility for the ecological balance surrounding the Hartwell mining area.

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We make every step visible

In the video documentary “Transparency – The truth about mica” the clean beauty cosmetics brand, Beautycounter, details the challenging path to establish transparency within the global mica supply chain while citing our Colors & Effects brand as a transparent industry partner who can trace mica supply from source to supply.

Learn more about our mining practices.

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Mica's role in clean beauty

Learn more about sustainability in beauty and responsible ingredient sourcing by downloading "The Clean Side of Mica" whitepaper.

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We are pioneers in sustainable mica souring

As one of the leading pigments suppliers worldwide, Sun Chemical takes responsibility for driving important discussions in key industry networks and fosters sustainable solutions. We are a proud founding member of the Responsible Mica Initiative (RMI) and committed to helping private, public and non-profit sectors reach a 100% sustainable Indian mica supply chain.

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Our mica-based pigments within several industries


Boost color, texture and sparkle with natural and safe mica-based effect pigments that can be used for various cosmetic applications, such as makeup, eyeshadow, lipstick, bath bombs, soap and nail polish.

View mica-based pigments for cosmetics

190116 Colors and Effects Mica sourcing Industries cosmetics

Add pearlescent effects and metallic shimmer to interior and exterior applications for the architectural, automotive and industrial coatings markets. Implement your ideas for car paints, powder coatings, furniture coatings and coil coatings.

View mica-based pigments for Coatings

181127 Colors and Effects Mica sourcing Industries coatings

Create innovative, eye-catching designs with our interference mica pigments, enhancing the color depth of your products. Improve the appearance with consistent, reliable colorant quality for household items, toys and electronics.

View mica-based pigments for Plastics

conscious is colorful mica plastics

With our colorants we help to ensure that specially treated agriculture products are recognized for what they are.
Use our ethically sourced natural mica pigments for seed dressing, seed coating, fertilizer or non-crop applications!

Make your agricultural solutions stand out with natural mica

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