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Lead chromate has been identified as a substance that negatively impacts human health and is toxic to the environment with long-lasting effects. Many countries have banned the use of lead chromate, especially in architectural coatings and toys. 

By supporting more sustainable alternatives in the paint and coatings industries and placing a focus on cost efficiency, we demonstrate how lead-free pigments improve formulation performance as well as value-in-use versus former lead-based coatings.

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Improve the Value In Use (VIU) of your lead-free coatings with our new Paliotan® VIU range!

With high chroma, our new hybrid Pacific Orange expands the orange color space for lead-free powder coatings

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Discover the closest coloristical fit to lead chromates with Paliotan® - suitable for all performance levels!

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Explore Pacific Yellow, enabling best performance balance for solvent and water- based systems.

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Combine highly durable Sicotan® with organic pigments and gain an advantage over titanium dioxide-based formulations.

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Obtain the highest chroma with Paliotol® to enable the most critical shades.

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Use the Irgazin® portfolio for the most durable organic pigments.

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With Sicopal® you achieve the best hiding in combination with high chroma and excellent durability.

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With many years of application expertise, the broadest pigment portfolio and the necessary color matching support, we offer a range of attractive solutions for lead chromate replacement.

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Contact Georg Doering for a personal consultation on lead chromate replacement for your individual application!

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