Sustainable Masterbatches

Take another step towards a sustainable future with Sicolen® B masterbatch

As an important material of our modern world, plastic increasingly faces questions about environmental friendliness. Three approaches help to make plastics sustainable: bio degradable and bio-based biopolymers, which can be colored with Sicoversal® B and the all-new Sicolen® B masterbatch, form an alternative to conventional plastics. Whereas Sicolen® B (based on renewable raw materials) offers a plant-based masterbatch alternative, especially for non-fossil biopolymers, the certified compostable Sicoversal® B represents a solution for biodegradable plastics, so called "bioplastics." In addition, regrinds and rezyclates, colored with masterbatches Sicolen® or Sicovinyl®, enable the multiuse of valuable polymers through circular economy.

Each alternative has special demands on coloring and additivation. With our comprehensive masterbatch portfolio, all three ecological alternatives to conventional plastics can be colored eco-friendly without limiting their respective advantages of compostability, renewable basis or multiple usage.

Sustainable Masterbatch
New Masterbatch for bioplastics

Sicolen® B masterbatch is based on renewable raw materials and suitable for coloring PE and bio-based PE

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Sustainable Masterbatches Visual v2
Coloration of compostable biopolymers

Sicoversal® B is a certified biodegradable masterbatch to colorize compostable plastics and PLA blends

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Coloration of composable biopolymers
Regrind coloration

Sicolen® and Sicovinyl® are established concentrates for the coloration of recycled PE and PVC

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Regrind coloration

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