Transparency in Beauty: Mearlmica® FF

Mearlmica® FF is a unique and versatile natural mica, 100% ethically and sustainably sourced from Hartwell, GA.  A transparent mica with unmatched traceability in its supply chain.

Our natural mica flakes are backed by three core principles: Ethical working practices, a traceable supply chain, and environmentally conscious mining.  

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We invite you to visit our mine virtually to see what transparency in beauty is all about. 

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A small mica with mighty benefits...

A simple, traceable, and versatile performance mineral, Mearlmica® FF is our smallest natural mica that offers big benefits. As a unique and optically neutral performance mineral, Mearlmica® FF provides a soft, creamy texture in cosmetics and personal care applications.

Product features
  • Soft, creamy texture
  • Comparable oil absorption to talc and sericite
  • Optically neutral
  • Small particle size natural mica for a smooth, matte-like appearance
  • 100% ethically, sustainably sourced natural mica from Hartwell, GA, USA
  • 100% Natural Origin, 100% Natural Index* (*based on ISO 16128)
  • Globally approved cosmetic ingredient for use in all applications


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Limitless possibilities with a versatile natural mica

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Explore our inspired formulations with Mearlmica® FF

Mearlmica® FF can create a neutral base for a wide range of colors in matte, shimmering, and sparkling finishes. Explore our inspired applications with Mearlmica® FF.

Matte Terracotta Foundation
MMFF Matte Terracotta landscape
Shimmering Sandstone Multi-Powder
MMFF Shimmering Sandstone landscape
Sparkling Ruby Multi-Powder
MMFF Sparkling Ruby landscape
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